The song is already in your head, you simply need help developing the parts into a cohesive, polished track.

Whether you’re a rapper searching for the perfect customized beat, a singer / songwriter that needs to record and expand instrumentation, a DJ in need of original content, or a full band looking to record your completed song; you hold the pen to draft the sound you wish to bestow upon your listeners.

Together, we can either walk through every step in the process to allow you the highest level of control, or simply record the basics and allow me to do the rest.

Pulling from a pool of inspiration that genuinely discludes no genre, I can create unique tracks complete with organic, world instrumentation, jazzy melodies, or hard-hitting, engaging, electronic tracks.

Having produced original music since 2008, I’m capable of translating your creative vision into a finished product.

For a free consultation regarding the realization of your project, please contact –